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The Banshees of Inisherin

The Banshees of Inisherin

We always love to get involved in different projects and especially those on the big screen! Over the years our yarns and textiles have featured in many productions. Last year we were contacted by Judith Devlin of Laneway Productions about a film that was being made and using our Irish wool yarns in some of the pieces for the cast.

We knew very little about the film but were aware that Martin McDonagh was the Director and as big fans of his work we were very excited to be involved. The designer was Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh who is a renowned Irish costume designer. 

After a number of exchanges including colour samples and yarn types, the team at Laneway Productions settled on a number of colours in our Irish wool yarn including Moss, Haw, Rowan and Wine. While Judith and Delia Barry, the now infamous and super talented knitter from Co. Wicklow, worked their magic with our yarn we waited in silent anticipation for the launch of the film.

Colin Farrells iconic jumper made using Cushendale Wine Irish Wool yarn

Brendan Gleesons character also had a jumper knitted using Cushendale Moss Irish Wool yarn

Delia Barry the now famous handknitter photographed at the mill replenishing her own stock of our Irish wool yarn.

Our Irish wool yarns are made using fleece from the Galway sheep, a protected heritage breed. We collect our fleece from partner farmers across the country, each year visiting their farms to collect only the best fleece which we use in our Irish wool yarns and textiles. Once the fleece arrives at the mill we then begin our small batch processes; first hand sorting the fleece, before dyeing in solid colours which are then carefully blended together to achieve the desired colour, this carding process also lengthens the fleece fibres allowing us to then spin the yarn on our Victorian spinning mule. From there we handle the yarn in different ways depending on what we are making, Colin Farrell and Brenadan Gleesons jumpers were both made from double knitted weight which involves a further 8 steps before the final ball of yarn was ready for knitting.

You can read more about the knitting of these iconic jumpers here on CraftFix.


We feel very honoured to be one of the last mills in Ireland continuing to work with Irish wool and overseeing every stage of the process from ‘fleece to fabric’ to ensure the highest quality yarns and textiles. Support and recognition of what we do through people like Judith and Eimear helps shine a light on genuine Irish craftsmanship and enables us to continue to do what our passion is; creating beautiful pieces to last a lifetime.

Visit our website to see our full range of Irish wool yarns and textiles. We love visitors to our mill showroom too where one can see, hear and smell the beauty of Irish wool and see how we make these rare and unique pieces.


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