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Repairs Promise

Hands stitching and repairing a piece of brown fabric

When you buy a blanket, throw or scarf you’re also buying our Repairs Promise. Repairing when possible is our sustainable approach to business and one we encourage our customers to follow.

Figures standing over a worktable with colour swatches and spools of threads repairing blankets

Repair and Embellish

Our textiles last a lifetime but accidents can happen and when our customers are left with a hole or tear we want them to think about how their Cushendale textile can be repaired and embellished with a complimentary repair kit that’s tailored to them.

Dark brown blanket throw with light orange stitching

Repair Kits

Repair kits consist of Cushendale yarn or fabric, to best suit your repairing needs, and a set of simple instructions for mending wool textiles.

Long grey piece of fabric twisted around an outstretched arm with long white loose threads trailing down against a light green backdrop

How it Works

Fill out the Repair Kit Order Form, click submit, and one of our team will be in touch to request photos of the textile and the area to be repaired.

We will then make up and send you a complimentary repair kit that's tailored to your textile. Customers can avail of this service as often and for as long as they need.


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