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Our Team

The Cushen family members standing in front of the mill

Six generations of the Cushen family have been crafting exceptional textiles in Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, since the 1700s.
Today, Philip and his daughter Miriam continue this incredible story.

Portrait of Philip and Miriam Cushen
Current Custodian Philip Cushen and his daughter Miriam.

A Family Legacy

Our textile journey spans six generations, commencing in the 18th century with Sylvester Cushon, a Graiguenamanagh weaver. He imparted his skills to his son Patrick, who in 1841 at the age of 17, was already recognized as a Blanket Manufacturer.

Old portrait of Philip Cushion
Philip Cushion (1st) 1858 – 1941. Note how surname changes over the generations.

Patrick had two sons, Philip and Bernard, both deeply involved in woollen manufacturing in the area. In the 1920s, the name "Cushendale" was officially established by Patrick’s eldest son Philip who was now at the helm of the mill in Graiguenamanagh.

Old portrait of Patrick (2nd) and Anne Mary Cushen
Patrick (2nd) and Anne Mary Cushen 1944

In the early 1940s, Philip’s eldest son Patrick assumed the leadership role which he held until the 1960s, when his son Philip, took the reins. Philip's involvement in the Kilkenny Design Workshops project marked a shift toward contemporary design, a legacy carried forward to the current generation.

Today, Philip's daughter, Miriam, proudly continues the family's rich heritage, ensuring its enduring legacy.

Meet the Team

Cushendale, a family business in more ways than one. Here at the mill we all work as a close family, helping and looking out for one another as the fleece, yarns and textiles pass through each of our hands, making it's journey to becoming a finished piece for you to love and cherish.

Current Opportunities

We are looking to hire into 2 full-time jobs:

1 - Production Team Member

2 - Customer Service Assistant

Portrait of Philip Cushen at the mill


Philip, the 5th generation of the Cushen family, has been custodian of the mill's legacy since he was 16. His passion and expertise in yarns and textiles are celebrated in Ireland and beyond. He upholds our tradition of crafting exceptional textiles, setting the bar high for Cushendale.

Portrait of Miriam Cushen working at the mill


Miriam, the 6th generation, works alongside her father, Philip. Raised just meters from the mill, it's always been part of her life. Today, she stands shoulder to shoulder with Philip, carrying on the family's textile tradition.

Portrait of Jim at the mill


Jim, our Master Dyer with over 35 years of experience at the mill, is our colour guru. He lends his discerning eye to every hue and shade of Cushendale yarns, ensuring precision in coloration.

Portrait of Kathleen at the mill


Kathleen, our head of finishing, is a cornerstone of our team. With over two decades at the mill, she's the detail-oriented force behind quality checks, order dispatch, and everything in between.

Portrait of Thomas hauling fabric over his shoulder at the mill


Thomas was born and raised in Graiguenamanagh and having served his apprenticeship here in the mill he is now our Master Weaver. He spends his time carefully weaving our textile magic.

Portrait of Dorota at the mill


Dorota is origionally from Poland and is a skilled seamstress. Just like Kathleen, she has an eagle eye for detail, ensuring all our textiles are finished to the highest standard.

Portrait of Trevor folding scarves in the Cushendale show room


Trevor is married to Miriam and looks after our main customer liaison and logistics. He is also works closely with our partner farmers across Ireland, sourcing our rare Irish wool.

Portrait of Marty working with spools of thread at the mill


Marty, born and raised nearby, is under Philip's watchful eye, mastering the craft of the spinning 'mule' and continuing our legacy of creating beautiful Irish wool yarns.

Portrait of Jade working at the mill


Jade, who started part-time and now works full-time, is apprenticing under Dorota and Kathleen. She plays a vital role in quality checks, labelling, and order dispatch with diligence and care.

Portrait of Sarah in the Cushendale show room


Sarah, balancing work with school studies, always wears a smile. Whether serving customers or hanking yarn, she adds a youthful spark to our team.


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