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Caring for your Wool

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Proper care will reward you with a lifetime of enjoyment from your Cushendale textile and when the time comes, allow you to share its warmth and colour with your next generation.

Wool Care Tips



Outdoor airing is the best way to freshen a wool textile. After a good shake hang the textile out, a gentle breeze will loosen any dust or dirt.



Soak the textile in warm water mixed with gentle detergent. Gently work the foam through, avoiding unnecessary rubbing or stretching. Rinse but do not ring out. Reform the original shape, lay out flat and allow to dry naturally.



Use a soft-bristle baby brush to lift any loose dirt and comb the pile fibres. Lay the textile on a flat surface and brush with the pile (grain).


Spot Clean

Fresh liquid stains by soaking the stained area with warm water mixed with light detergent and dabbing with a soft cloth. Do not scrub the fabric.


Dry Clean

Wool should never be machine washed. If there is a large heavy stain use a specialist dry cleaner, reminding them that this is a delicate wool product.



Ideally lie the textile flat to avoid wrinkles and maintain shape, if you lay it over a clothes line ensure the weight of the wet textile is supported. Avoid direct sunlight and never use a tumble drier.



If not using your textiles store them in a dark, cool place in an air-tight container. Moths love wool so if storing for a long period, shake it out every few months to check for them. If you have moths, use a quality moth repellent.


DO NOT Machine Wash / Tumble Dry

Never machine wash or tumble dry your natural wool textile as it will damage the fibers, causing them to stiffen and shrink.

Each Cushendale piece comes with our Repairs Promise

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