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Irish Wool Snug Mittens

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The Snug Mittens kit makes a great gift for yourself or a friend, a pair of Irish DK wool mittens, flip top, freeing your fingers so you can check those all important messages on your phone or tablet.


YARN: Irish Wool
ORIGIN: The '˜Galway' sheep, bred by selected partner farmers in Ireland
COLOUR: A blend of coloured fleece, uniquely dyed at our mill

WEIGHT: Ash: 110g, Autumn: 110g, Azure: 110g, Black: 110g, Bluestack: 110g, Butter: 110g, Chestnut: 110g, Cobalt: 110g, Dark Charcoal: 110g, Dark Slate: 110g, Ecru: 110g, Indigo: 110g, Jacob: 110g, Jade: 110g, Light Orange: 110g, Mid Charcoal: 110g, Moss: 110g, Old Purple: 110g, Pink Heather: 110g, Purple Heather: 110g, Silver: 110g, Wheat: 110g, Rowan: 110g


Full bodied yet soft to touch


This yarn has been designed, coloured and created from fleece by our team of highly skilled makers


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